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GroEzy™ 6" Coco Grow Cubes

GroEzy™ 6" Coco Grow Cubes

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GroEzy Cultivation Blocks

Size: 6" x 6" x 6"

Volume: Approx 1.5 Gallon

Packing: 32 units per case

Pallet: 54 cases per pallet

Our Patent-pending products are designed to optimize your grow operations. A great option for growers looking for rockwool and switch to coco. The compressed coco block, once hydrated becomes a ready-to-use cube. We use premium coco grow media triple washed, EC below 0.5, balanced pH between 6.2-6.7

  • Absolutely no switching costs
  • No change to grow technique
  • Compatible with multiple grow systems

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    Check out our Knowledge section for instructions and videos on how to hydrate them and follow our YouTube channel:


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