GroEzy Grow Bags

GroEzy expandable coco pots in UV treated grow bags. 

Patent pending design

We were one of the first companies to design and launch expandable pots and cubes. Our patent pending design is unique and different from the expandable quickfills in the market. We desgined the bottom drainholes and absorption pads to ensure proper drainage and prevent root rot and algae build-up.

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Block to pot in less than a minute

  • RHP Certified coco

    RHP certified coco for the quality conscious customer. RHP processes help define consistent standards.

  • Pure Coco

    Triple washed

    Triple washed to ensure low EC and stable pH. Our farms are located in the highlands of South India close to fresh water sources.

  • Patent Pending design

    Our GroEzy products are patent pending for design. We designed our products to ensure optimal dry-backs and compatible to all growing styles