User Guide on Expandable Coco Grow Pots

User Guide on Expandable Coco Grow Pots

Growth, a new design concept by The Coco Depot, offers a dynamic take on the standard expandable pots- one which not only saves gardening time and effort, but also promotes sustainability and cuts down on unnecessary waste. Using “Expandable pots,” the pot transforms to fit plants through multiple stages of growth: From seedling, all the way to full size.

What are expandable pots?

GroEzy Expandable pots / OpenTops are designed to expand the compressed blocks into ready-to-use pots. The fabric pots adopt the same design as the cube, except it's open on the top so that growers have access to the grow media.

The compressed blocks once hydrated fill the fabric pot and become a ready-to-use cube. We use premium coco grow media triple washed, EC below 0.5, balanced pH between 6.2-6.7

  • Absolutely no switching costs.
  • No change to grow technique.
  • Compatible with multiple grow systems.

It takes at an average 1-2 minutes to expand a pot depending on size, amazing cost savings in terms of time and material.You can also take reference of this video.

Advantages of Expandable pots

  1. It can be easy to handle: Growing plants in containers is a great way to expand your garden space.
  • Lightweight – Instead of lugging around clay or ceramic pots, choose a lightweight fabric pot.
  • Machine Washable – After a harvest, or if you’re looking for a change, hose down the pot to free it from the majority of the dirt. Then stick it into your washing machine on a cold cycle and hang to dry.
  • Easily Stored – If your pots need to take a break, easily fold them and store them for later.
  1. Allows you to control the soil your plants grow in. Your garden soil may not be ideal, but when you plant in a pot, you have complete control over the soil and may give ideal growing conditions that your garden soil may lack. My garden is sand-covered and teeming with tree roots. My pots provide me with a lush, fertile garden.
  2. Add to your garden design by creating structure: Make a statement with the largest pots you can afford; they may truly add to your yard design. You no longer have to pick between plastic and terra cotta when it comes to pot design. There are so many different forms and materials to choose from. New varieties resemble cement or terra cotta but are winter resilient, which is a significant plus because terra cotta pots shatter in the winter.
  3. Adds vertical space to your garden. Attach pots to the wall to increase the amount of area available for cultivation. Foliage pouring from pots creates a luscious atmosphere.
  4. Take advantage of your sunny spots. You may have a dark front yard, but there is a sunny space along the side of your house that would be ideal for a huge pot loaded with flowers, greenery, or even veggies. There's nothing quite like taking a stroll around your garden and plucking a fresh tomato from a container.  

How to Use Expandable pots

  1. Plants with shallow root systems are frequently grown in expandable pots. Because they don't take up a lot of area, these grow Pots are especially ideal for balcony or urban gardening. It's simple to use expandable pots; here's how to do it.
  2. Always keep the size of the pots and the scale of your garden in mind when selecting expandable pots for your garden. Make sure you have enough space in your garden for the quantity of expandable pots you'll be using. If you're using a dense potting mix, you'll need to line the expandable pots with a layer of pebbles or chunky perlite to ensure good drainage.
  3. When choosing expandable pots for your garden, consider the size of the pots and the scale of your garden in mind. Make sure your garden has enough room for the number of expanding pots you'll be employing. To guarantee proper drainage, line the expandable pots with a layer of stones or chunky perlite if you're using a dense potting mix.
  4. At this point, you can start planting different crops in the expanded pots. Simply scrape the soil out with a trowel until the hole is large enough to accommodate the plant's full root system. Cover the root ball with earth after placing it in the soil. Check to see if the root ball is exposed in any manner. Smaller vegetables, such as eggplants, zucchinis, and herbs, do well in small pots. Fruit-bearing trees and large greeneries benefit from larger grow bags.
  5. After you've planted your crops or greeneries in the grow pot, you may begin watering them on a regular basis. You can either water the plants directly every day or install a self-watering system, such as a drip irrigation system, to make plant watering even easier. Regardless of how you choose to water your plants, be sure to drain any excess water to avoid standing water.
  6. You can reuse the extendable pots planters and the soil for two to three growing seasons once you've finished growing and harvesting your crops. If you want to put the grow pots away until the following growing season, simply remove the potting soil, give them a nice wash, and let them dry fully. Fold the paper and store it in the shed until you're ready to start growing more plants!

Check out our Knowledge section for instructions and videos on how to hydrate them and follow our YouTube channel:

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