A Complete Processing Guide on Coco Peat Production

A Complete Processing Guide on Coco Peat Production

Coco Peat/Coir Pith is the byproduct from Coconut extraction for Coir fibers. Coco peat is a versatile natural product extensively used as Soilless Grow Media, Soil Amendment, and Potting Mix. 

Coco Coir is an abundant source, available anytime-anywhere worldwide. The production, extraction of coco coir dates back to a few centuries. 

The practice of production of Coco Coir has evolved during the last few decades with the help of advanced technology.

Coco Peat is mainly extracted from Coco Coir that’s gone through multiple processing phases. And those major phases are are enlisted as,

Processing stages of Coco Coir


From the land of fresh water reservoirs, loads of Coconuts are collected from the distributors and stored up in the large storage room. 


The Coco Coir is dehusked from matured Coconut and is carried to Curing for about 6 weeks from on. In this process, the fiber is separated based on the fiber grades. 


The Coco Peat is spreaded along the cement flooring for over 18 months. It is also washed with fresh water to wash away the pH and EC value of Coco Peat to desired value.


After the washing with fresh water, the coco peat is checked for optimal pH and EC value. Later, the Sieving is done, where the fiber chunks and impurities are removed. And further moved to moisture removal by drying. 


The Coco Peat is dried naturally under sunlight on the cement floor. Once the moisture is reduced to 18% of its former, it is sent for final screening.


This is the final screening method for the removal of any impurities or sand with the help of Automated Screeners. In this process, coco peat is thoroughly tested. 


The dried and thoroughly screened coco peat is finally compressed into the blocks of customised size (popularly 650gm ang 5kg blocks) by the use of Automated Hydraulic Compressors with right ratio of compression. 


Once the compressed block is out. It is packed as the required of the customers or into standard size of packing with suffixed label of brand name, block dimensions and their vivid uses. 

Below video will suggest the utmost part of Coir Processing.





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