Top 10 Unbelievable Uses of Coconut Fibers

Top 10 Unbelievable Uses of Coconut Fibers

Coconut fiber production is a main source of revenue for cellular countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines, in South Pacific Asia. The impact of these coco fiber on arounding lives are noteworthy. 

The implementation of coco fiber is best described in Coconut Coir - Garden and Horticultural Use, also its ardent benefits of growing plants in coco coir as the best remedy of Soil prone diseases.

While in check, let’s get into a deeper sense of using grow media for plant growing, rather than the traditional method of soil use. And one such example are Coco Pith Fiber and Peat Moss, which are widely used as soil substitutes.
Find out a few differential prospects of Peat Moss and Coco Pith, here

It is very likely to deploy these coco fiber in every possible way and there are few infamous utilisations of Coco Fiber in Agricultural and everyday life. 

  1. Utility Rope 

Coconut fiber rope or Coir Rope holds impressive tensile strength, mainly used in agricultural practices and fishing nets. The lignin fibers outrightly withstand stress and serve as long lasting material of durance. 

  1. Insulating Material

Coir exhibits tremendous property of good temperature management towards any external flatulation. Unlike any other insulation material, coir fends off the heat to its fullest. 

  1. Ecological Log

These logs are the sustainable geo-textile product, erosion-prevention tool, offered by mats around coir rope, enjoyed by many home gardeners, urban planners and agriculturalists. 

  1. Coir Pith 

Among few grow media used in Hydroponic material, Coir peat is best known for its high absorbance and moisture maintaining properties. 3 out 10 hydroponic enthusiasts serve coir peat as their grow media throughout the year. 

  1.  Floor Mat

The tufted coir door mat is one such choice for all organic lovers. These machine tufted door mats have a non-slip vinyl base which keeps the mat in place. Acts as a barrier to dust and dirt to keep your interior clean. 

  1. Shock Absorbent

Coconut fiber is the real shock absorber, for it possesses excellent sustainable capacity. It is widely used in transportation industries for transporting goods for longer distances, it’s cheaper and reusable. 

  1. Landscaping

As mentioned above, coco pith fiber is an organic substitute for traditional soil. Instead of synthetic rockwool, expandable clay pebbles, coconut fiber is an all natural, user-friendly solution for landscaping. 

  1. Concrete Fiberboard

In recent years, there’s practice of coconut fiber in producing concrete. Due to it’s inexpensive, flexible coco coir concrete is gaining popularity. In comparison, coconut fiber reinforces the concrete to be stronger and last long. 

  1. Automobile Padding

In the Automobile industry, coconut fiber is mixed with rubber latex to create rubberized coir to produce an upholstery padding. 

  1. Furnishing

Furniture are best made out of cushions accumulated coconut fiber, that are long durable. These furniture works well with hardy users and is eco-friendly. 

As we discussed, every aspect of coconut fiber is revolutionizing and fits well in all arenas of population needs without comprise. 

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