Coir Peat in Gardening & Horticulture: Features & Benefits

Coir Peat in Gardening & Horticulture: Features & Benefits

Coco coir peat is a by-product of coir extraction, that has unique advantages and is vastly implemented in the areas of horticulture.

Coir peat is the naturally proven ecological asset of mankind. The diverse benefits of coco peat enables it  to become soil amendment for horticulture, floriculture and a grow medium for hydroponic systems.

Coco peat is flourished with multiple advantages, such as

Environmentally Safe

Coco peat is 100% natural by-product of Coconut shell, an organic outcome of series extraction process of coconut coir.Coco peat is safe, hygienic and bio-decomposable. It helps to break down microorganisms within the substrate. 

Natural and Renewable resource

The naturally driven coconut peat is from coconut shells that are perennial throughout the year and are easily available. It is a replenishing resource for mankind from nature.

Light weight
Coco peat is a loose mass of grounded coconut husks. When compressed, it forms a compact structure of blocks that can be carried without discomfort. The stored blocks are immune to environmental changes, neither they decay or perish.

Odorless, resistant to pest and harmful disease 

Coir products have the innate ability of non-odour, thus unattractive to any pest or insect. Forlorn drew another line of defense in the integrated pest management system.

Acceptable pH and Inert in nature 

The moderate pH of 6.0 to 6.8 is an ideal range growth promoter. The coir pH varies with the process of its manufacturing and abides with mixing agents. It is inactive to any chemical present within the soil or fertilizers.

High water holding capacity

It increases the water retention, aeration and provides antifungal benefits when used alone or employed into soil as an ingredient. Along the side, it locks the nutrients in tact, directly facilitating the plant growth. And elevates the EC reading high enough for growing medium.

Excellent drainage and Aeration
The fast absorption capacity of coco peat is a highly recommended growing medium. It provides moisture to the root zone while draining the water on top. The unique air packs within the course of peat structure aids root growth by sufficient gas exchange.

Pocket friendly

A sustainable coir product like coco peat is never a lose transaction. It comes within the range of affordable pricing, customised in packing design and treatment for each individual needs.

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