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GroMat 10"x20"x1/4" Coco Grow Mat

GroMat 10"x20"x1/4" Coco Grow Mat

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Coco coir mats are made of all natural latex sprayed on coco fibers and rolled into mats. The mats heat compressed to ensure compactness and consistent finish.

Coco grow mats are used extensively in indoor hydroponic grow setups. Coco mats are soft and airy for roots to grow through. The mats protect the roots from exposure to direct light and elements that can damage roots and hinder growth.

Designed to fit 10x20 trays, these mats can be used as root protectant or grow microgreens.

Size: 9.5" x 19.5"
Thickness: 1/4"
Package: 70 units/case
Product Specific UPC/SKU: TCD03GM1020IN14


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