Enjoy your gardening to the fullest in this holiday season 🤩🤩 Bring home the new look, renovate your garden area, upgrade with new accessories, replenish patio gravel, fix the pour down fantasy roof, there's a lot more to do. 

Seems like it's common!! At the end of each year, there’s always a to-do list to work your ass off. Make use of the below suggestive tasks to add up to your to-do task list 👍


Start with the winter planting (anything like woody landscapes), which by the course of time needs to establish prior to spring growth and withstand the summer heat. Don’t go for Tropical or Cold sensitive plants, as their chances are slim.


Supplement the newly planted and evergreen landscape plants with adequate soil moisture to avoid drying off during winter. Other mid-tropical, warm-season grasses are better to let off without water. THose holiday plants like Poinsettias should be kept under moisture. 


Compost those fallen leaves in early winter or put them under trees and shrubs, it makes an excellent soil amendment during spring and summer growing. Also, spread the bark mulch all over the garden, it makes the garden look well kept and shields those tender perennial plants from stormwater runoff.
**2 to 4 inches of mulch spreading is enough to keep your planting bed from the temperature drop.


Take good care of tender spring plants, such as Tulip, Dutch bulbs which are annual in terms. Remember to refrigerate them properly, chill around 45 to 60 prior to planting. Plant them as late as early January. 


Make arrangements for seasonal containers. Move the ceramic and terra-cotta containers into no moist area where there is less exposure to freeze-thaw conditions of wild winter, preventing them from cracking. 

Rake the potting soil inside those containers on beds as a mulch or dig into garden soil as an amendment.  


Just in case, run a hose down your downspouts to loosen up, and free the stuck leaves, making way for this runoff into the garden bed. Cut off the die branches of the tree and tease the tips of tender plants to grow better in later days. 


Look into any repair work needed for your garden area, see if it is to the point of posing hazards like, a crack in deck step, wobbly railing or slick flagstones, address all these safety issues in holiday time lest it’s left off. 


Place a forthright order for vegetables and spring annual seeds now, so you could start growing right after the winter. Choose wisely as to which and all the fruits and vegetable plants that will adapt to your environment.


Pack some gifts for beloved garden friends who enjoy the bliss of gardening along with you. Just like a plant or artistic container, gardening book or subscription to gardening magazines, or a pair of gardening tools.

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