Food Grown On Regenerative Farms Could Actually Be Healthier For You

Food Grown On Regenerative Farms Could Actually Be Healthier For You

Human beings are affected by ecologies, climate change, economic development. This is why regenerative agriculture is trying to restore. This regenerative farming method is affecting the nutritional content of the food. After various experiments, it came to be known that crops grown using the regenerative method were better than crops grown on conventional farms. They were found to be rich in minerals, phytochemicals, and vitamins. It contained more amount of calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium. All these rich compounds help in boosting human health.

Let us just understand what is regenerative farming. Regenerative farming avoids the use of any kind of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Using these also cause a lot of money. But regenerative farming rather uses natural ways to grow crops. It protects the soil because multiple species are integrated into the land. This improves the nutrient level in the soil. Even the Agricultural Products Manufacturers can guarantee healthy crops to the consumers.

Pesticides and environmental toxins are the cause of various diseases. Do you know that pesticides are the reason behind neurological damage in children? Organically produced vegetables and fruits taste much better which is why their consumption is more. There is less consumption of pesticides, fungicides, cadmium, and nitrates which can be poisonous. It is beneficial for intestinal health for the person. There is more level of antioxidants in organic.

Relief from diseases

An organic diet is beneficial for health, it saves you from many diseases. Let’s look at the diseases that can be avoided from this kind of diet. 


Diabetes is commonly found in many human beings. Diabetes usually results from high blood pressure. If we look deep into how it occurs then we must know about insulin. Insulin is a hormone that produces glucose for the body. Diabetes makes insulin inactive. An organic diet will lower the risk of diabetes.


Eczema is a skin disease that causes patches on the skin. It is occurring at a very high rate and has infected about 31.6 million people only in the US. It can be caused by environmental and nutritional conditions. Environment triggers can also trigger the disease. This disease is common in adults but has affected children as well. There are several causes of this disease and one of them is poison plant and poison ivy. An organic diet will also lower the risk of this disease.


Extra mucus is produced and the airways narrow and swell which makes breathing difficult, when a person faces asthma. Then it produces a sizzling sound as well when there is shortness of breath. It can be major or minor depending upon the type. There is no right cure for asthma that can eradicate it. It is a lifetime allergy. Including an organic diet can also help prevent this disease.

Cardiovascular diseases

There are various cardiovascular diseases. One of them is hypertension caused by high blood pressure. When the blood exerts against the walls of blood vessels, high blood pressure is caused which causes hypertension as well. And hypertension itself is very dangerous because it can lead to stroke. Heart failure, heart attack, and aneurysm. Also, an organic diet can prevent this disease.

Less carbon in the air

Plants use carbon in the air to grow. The industrial farming method has destroyed the environment. And the crops produced from it are not beneficial for human beings. Moreover, intensive farming adds to keeping animals in a closed environment and their feed is grain rather than natural. It is estimated that soil can absorb up to 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide. It is a natural carbon sink and is beneficial for soil health. By regenerative farming, the carbon in the air will be removed because it will get stored in the soil. 

Research is being done and according to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 250 million metric tons of CO2 can be eliminated by soil absorption of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the carbon in the soil can reduce emissions.

Reduction of global warming

Global warming is serving as the biggest death threat in the world.  Global warming has affected the air quality and is a reason for extreme weather conditions. It can have life-threatening effects on the lives of humans. Today we see fires caused in many parts of the world due to global warming. It has disrupted the health of human beings. Moreover, it has threatened food safety as well.   

Previous years have been very warm and 2000-2009 have been regarded as the hottest years of the world. Storms, heat waves, disasters are a result of rising temperatures caused due to global warming. In addition to that droughts and floods have been a reason for the loss of lives.

Regenerative agriculture has helped in maintaining soil health. It does not disturb the ground.

In regenerative farming, the roots of the crops are left in the ground. This helps soil retain nutrients. This is why it takes less water and energy to grow them. In addition to that carbon dioxide also remain in the ground which saves the environment from global warming. Today many humans are concerned about global warming and are ready to practice habits that can make the environment healthy. Which is why they were ready to change their shopping habits. Even famous brands are willing to change their practices.  


Various studies and research have suggested how regenerative farming help in producing healthy food for humans. Even the farms used for regenerative farming have healthy soil. The soil in these farms has carbon in double quantity. And the soil health is also thrice if compared to conventional farming. The crops of these farms are deprived of compounds that can trigger human health abruptly i.e., cadmium, sodium, and nickel. Due to this, the crops grown are healthy and the environment I also become a safe space for all the humans of the world. 

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